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Now its 2017 and so far this year has been soo very good to us. Lots of stuff going on, we have a brand new design for printing the new Hawkins Hawaii Orchestra T-Shirts, new fresh stickers and lots of nice shows booked.

These are some of the places you can see us live. April the 28th we play the "Tornado Club" in Enviken Falun. May 27th we play the "High school hop" in Västerås. We play the "Dusters Time Travel meet" July the 15th in Borlänge, we are also booked at Frölunda Kulturhus "Positivparken" September the 16th.

In 2017 we also plan to record our 3rd album, and we are absolute stunned to inform you the fantastic news that the legendary cult icon Mr "Robert "R" Crumb himself said yes to design our next album cover, we are so exited.

So look out for updates on our album that hopefully will be finished this year and ready to be released in 2018 with album cover painting from R Crumb and some new written fresh swingin tunes.

Check out our Facebook page and if you have any questions to the band, feel free to email us at or click the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting us.

//Mahalo Hawkins